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Introducing- Purpose

Introducing- Purpose

Beginning with years of traveling the world with my little camera while communicating and drawing ideas from some of the best film directors and music composers. I have been dreaming and stepping into what it would look like to create a film organization that lays aside our titles as driven artists and we sit at the feet of some of the most hope-filled stories in the darkest and hardest places of the world. We do this because we have a passion to see these stories of Hope impact the world with a fire and desire to move on hearts to act and see hopeless stories reversed. 

To make a lasting impact we are working directly alongside the people and organizations that are giving their lives in making these tangible changes into a reality! While we travel and work on these feature films and share our journeys to the public, we will work with artists all over the world in joining the movement of seeing Hope light up the darkest areas of the world.

And this Hope movement is completely funded by you.

Introducing Purpose.